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Medical Aid for Palestine: Fundraiser

Medical Aid for Palestine: Fundraiser

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Marleen and Sterling have created some beautiful handmade candles that we have paired with candleholders by E F Davies, where all proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians who are an NGO providing emergency medical support in Gaza.

Please give generously.

The candles are made of 100% beeswax, hand dipped by Marleen and Sterling in their London home resulting in characteristics that vary from the standard (yet serene) through to the chubby*, wavy, and the occasionally crooked.

Our candleholders are made of unglazed stoneware and wheel-thrown by Ned in his Norwich studio here at Helgate.

These are limited editions being sold as a pairing where each purchase consists of two candles and one candleholder. Holders and candles will be chosen randomly as a lucky dip.

Starting price is £35 with an option to increase the donation value before you add it to your basket.

*a note that some candles may be larger than the candleholder, which is made to a standard size for your future use and enjoyment. If you have received a larger candle we recommend you gently and safely carve the end of the candle and warm it over a flame before placing it in the holder to ensure a good fit.


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