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Clay Research Group: 2024 Programme

Clay Research Group: 2024 Programme

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A year of exploring clay, creativity, location and community.

Rachel Kurdynowska has devised an intensive year long programme that consists of four terms that are each 10 weeks long. Throughout the year she will nurture a group dynamic that supports each artist to share and challenge their ways of working, creating a safe space for experimentation in the study of ceramics.

In her 2024 programme as part of a group of eight artists you will gather and make materials, share test results, discuss ideas and create new work.

Each term will involve making materials as a group, demonstrations, exercises, field trips, alongside your own avenue of making and testing where Rachel will be on hand to provide guidance and 1-to-1 feedback. You may prefer to work as an individual, or to develop a project collaboratively with other members of the group, but fundamentality these sessions are for creative exploration and experimentation. 

To make this programme as accessible as possible we have decided to split payments across each term, so if you wish to attend the full year you simply need to sign up to the first term. Existing students will be given first option to join the next term, before we open it out to the general public.

Friday Mornings, 10:00am-1:00pm

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Term 1 — Material Gathering and Production

January 12th—March 15th (10 weeks)

You will focus on ceramic material and alteration, with field trips to gather materials from local sites of clay interest, and the production of a clay materials library including our own clay, slips and wild grogs for the group to use throughout the year. 

The material library will allow you to share ideas and results of testing to gain a better understanding of the materials we’re using and their potential. 

During this time you will be able to explore avenues of your own practise whilst creating forms to test these materials on. 

Below is a preliminary schedule that may be subject to change.

Week 1 Introduction & term overview. A chance to discuss and share individual areas of interest alongside conversation around ceramic materials

Week 2 Clay production & alteration for material library

Week 3 Field trip to gather raw materials

Week 4 Time to begin processing found materials for material library

Week 5 Wild clay processing 

Week 6 Clay processing of wild and CRG clay continued. Time for self directed making 

Week 7 Group slip making session

Week 8 Washing sand & ash

Week 9 Terra sigillata 

Week 10 Self directed making - test palettes

Term 2 — Collective and Individual Testing of Materials 

April 5th—June 7th/14th (10 weeks) This term will provide a consolidated period to test materials created in the first 10 weeks.

We will create test palettes of all materials, consider new ways of recording and documenting, whilst learning how to listen and respond to results. 

Term 3 — Glaze dissection

July 5th—6th September (10 weeks)

A basic introduction into glaze chemistry, production and editing. You will learn to create line blends and experiment with balancing raw materials to create a simple glaze recipe. We will also explore pre existing glaze adaptation through the introduction of oxides.

Term 4 — Testing on a Larger Scale

September 27th—13th December (12 weeks)

Explore information gathered over the past 30 weeks into individual practise based exploration during a focused period of making time where you can either test further and on a larger scale or put results towards a more finished work/works.