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Every week we open our doors to anyone interested in working with clay more regularly, through either our:

  • Monday Afternoon Membership (13:00—16:30)
  • Monday Evening Membership (17:30—21:00)
  • Friday Afternoon Membership (13:30—17:00) 
  • Saturday Morning Membership (10:30—14:00)

This opportunity is designed for people who are confident at working with clay and able to work in a self directed way, but who are looking for a creative environment to explore particular techniques, or simply a shared studio space outside of their own home to make work from.

These are supported sessions, meaning a technician (Edmund Davies or Rollo Timothy George) will be on hand with support should you be struggling with construction or looking to research a technique. They will be there to advise you practically from selecting clay through to firing, on an adhoc basis within a shared studio environment, where all members are encouraged to discuss one another's work in order to support experimentation and creative development.


Our pricing is currently £75 every 4 weeks (avg. £18.75 per 3.5hr session).

    This pricing reflects the employment of a mentor who will be in the room as a shared resource for all members, and the inclusion of basic materials, storage, and a contribution towards our overheads. Members will have 3.5hrs access to the studio at their chosen allotted time, with the possibility to switch time slots depending on capacity.

      What's Included

      • 10% Discount on the listed price of all classes, including masterclasses
      • Support from a  technician
      • Clay and tool storage
      • Shelf space for your ongoing work
      • Work space on a large shared table
      • Access to our pottery wheels (we currently have five wheels)
      • Access to communal tools
      • As much clay as you need from our stores
      • Every new member will also receive their own complimentary Helgate Tote Bag!

      What's NOT Included

      • Your monthly fee does not include the cost of firing the kiln, which is calculated via the total weight you are looking to fire and multiplied against our current electrical rates. This is therefore a variable rate and you can get an up to date cost by getting in touch or existing members can ask their mentor in the studio

      How to Join and Leave

      To sign up you need to follow a few simple steps:

      • Choose your preferred  time slot from the options listed at the top of this page and proceed to payment
      • Once you have paid you have become a member!
      • You will receive an email explaining how to cancel your membership, and what happens next
      • If anything is unclear please let us know!

      Membership is a flexible 4-weekly rolling commitment, which means you will be committing to pay a fixed price that recurs every four weeks until it is cancelled, and that can be cancelled at any time.

      If you decide that you would not like to continue as a Member you simply need to get in touch with us or log into your account on our website to cancel your monthly payments. Once you cancel your membership you will be expected to have removed any tools, clay, or pieces of work that you have stored at the studio by the end of your final 4 weeks.

      If you would like to rejoin then you can simply resubscribe!

      Any Questions?

      Our teaching opportunities are still being worked out and we are open to discussion if you have a project that you would like to explore or if you have any feedback regarding our membership and class structures.

      If you have any questions or ideas please do write to us at

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