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Studio Residency: Liz Ballard

Studio Residency: Liz Ballard


2023 Autumn Residency applications are now closed, and a place has been awarded to Liz Ballard. 


The Autumn Residency will begin September 1st 2023 and provide an opportunity for an artist or group to have mentorship and facilities to make new work involving ceramics that will culminate in an exhibition within our Norwich studio.

The successful applicant will be chosen by our selection panel consisting of:

James Wreford


    We encourage applicants from any discipline who have a clear proposal that involves clay and fired ceramics.

    We have newly opened our building and the Autumn Residency will evolve as we renovate the studio. 2023 is the first iteration and only available for artists who are local to the city of Norwich or who are able to travel regularly to the studio in the city centre, where the successful applicant will be working within a shared studio alongside our existing members under the mentorship of potter Edmund Davies.


    • Anyone 18 years or older
    • Living within and around Norwich, or with ease of regular access to Norwich city centre
    • Availability to work at least one day a week from the studio September 1st until December 1st 2023

    What do I get?

    • Part-Time studio access for 3 months (Mondays will be supported sessions, and remaining days self-directed)
    • Mentorship from potter Edmund Davies, every Monday for 3 months
    • All materials and firing costs will be free
    • We will cover any travel expenses
    • An exhibition of your resulting work

    How do I apply?

    Please send us an email to with the following before the deadline of August 11th 2023, 12:00pm:

    • A simple covering letter, using a paragraph or two to explain who you are and how you think you will benefit from the residency 
    • Your CV, in a standard format or a few sentences outlining any relevant past experience
    • One proposal of no more than 750 words that outlines what you hope to do during the residency, where we expect all applicants to come with a project that they intend to research and develop during the 3 months
    • Please include any relevant images, drawings, or other supporting material of past work or that supports your proposed project

    When is it?

    The Studio Residency will start September 1st 2023 and continue until December 1st 2023, with an exhibition date determined towards the end of your residency.

    How and when will you decide?

    During the two weeks following August 11th 2023 our selection panel will read through all of the applications and will collectively decide who will be the successful applicant. We will write to the successful candidate and any unsuccessful candidates.

    We will not be able to provide feedback to every applicant, but please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.


    As we have just taken on the building where the Studio Residency will be located we have some access limitations, and will not be able to support applicants that require wheelchair access or those with significant mobility issues. Please reach out to us if you have any access concerns, and we can discuss the studio in more detail and potentially arrange a visit for you to scope out the facilities and see what might be possible.

    We are in the process of drawing up plans to renovate the building and make it more accessible, and in the meantime apologise for these ongoing limitations.

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